My original dream compilation of All Systems Go 3 by Rocket from the Crypt

01. Gold
02. Bombs Away
03. Kill The Funk
04. Call it a Complex
05. Nail Biter / Battery Licker
06. Lie
07. Video Reign Man
08. Cancel Christmas
09. On the Prowl
10. On Living and Dying
11. Lumps
12. Black Eye
13. Rise from the Dead
14. Tattoo
15. Alone
16. I Flame You
17. Tiger Mask
18. Watusi '98
19. Delorean
20. I Won't Stare
21. Free Language Demons
22. Charlots On Fire
23. Tiger Feet Tonight
24. My Silverhead
25. Disappointment and Disease
26. Come On
27. I Drink Blood
28. Wrong and Important
29. California Lights

There's a write-up [may contain factual inaccuracies] about this release here. You should read it. Unlike everything else I've written on this site I'm not trying to be funny! Which means it's boring and fairly gay [in the way only a man professing his love to six other men at the same time can be] and you won't read it. Fuck you.