The Shit Hits the Fans by The Fuckin' Mats

01. Lawdy Miss Clawdy
02. Ye Sleeping Nights Of Jesus
03. Lovelines
04. I'll Be There
05. Sixteen Blue
06. Can't Hardly Wait
07. I Will Dare
08. Hear You Been To College
09. Saturday Night Special
10. Iron Man
11. Misty Mountain Hop / Heartbreaker
12. Can't Get Enough
13. Jailbreak
14. Breakdown
15. No More The Moon Shines On Lorena
16. Merry-Go-Round
17. Left In The Dark
18. Takin' Care Of Business
19. I Will Follow
20. Jumpin' Jack Flash
21. Radio Free Europe
22. The New World
23. Let It Be

It's sort of hard to understand the Replacements: a band populated by immense talents that borderlines on resentment towards success and fame. Notorious for their unpredictability on tour, you never quite knew what sort of show you were in for until the band stepped or, as was often the case, stumbled out onto stage and took to playing. It was the ultimate form of self-sabotage and it was a hell of a good time. With The Shit Hits the Fans, you're getting the latter: on November 11th, 1984, at the Bowery in Oklahoma City, an incredibly shitfaced Paul Westerberg, Chris Mars, and brothers Bob and Tommy Stinson took to the stage. What ensued was not their best performance, nor was it their worst, it simply was, and it is for that exact reason that this unadulterated, hilarious, completely candid take on a band in their prime doing exactly what it was they did night after night is so amazing. Rarely are we able to glimpse such honesty in a recorded performance.

You can read more about this show from sound engineer Bil MacLeslie here and remember, this is a cassette and LP only release, the fidelity is what it is and this is likely the highest quality version you will find anywhere. Go download a torrent if you wanna be a jerk-off and then get back to me about fucking retards that can't balance levels or monitor peaks. You should also revel in the awesome that is the cover art and the only awesome picture of Iowa ever taken.